Patriotic Pinterest on POINT

Cute.  Easy. Low time commitment.  Those are my criteria for Pinterest.  If I see more than 5 ingredients –  X out of that immediately.  If it looks like it will take me more than 30 minutes – Get outta my Face with that thing!

So when Eric and I decided to have a 4th of July Eve party, obviously I got a little Pinterest happy with all things Red, White & Blue.

Here are  few things that I did that met all my criteria!  And the best thing is almost all could be done the day before 🙂

Jello Fireworks from  Kraft Recipes.   These were a HUGE hit with the kids!

Jello Fireworks - The Southern Lady Mama

Patriotic Strawberries from The Idea Room.  These were so easy and my daughter, Ella, helped!

Patriotic Strawberries - The Southern Lady Mama

My Patriotic Fruit Pizza from House of Hawthornes was the only exception from making the day before because I wanted the fruit to be fresh.  However, I went ahead and made the crust and topping then refrigerated them.  I also washed and cut up the strawberries.  It only took me about 15 minutes (with Ella’s expert help again!) to top and glaze the pizza before the party.  Score!

Patriotic Pizza - The Southern Lady Mama

Easy peasy lemon squeezy as Ella would say!  Finally I got to sit down just in time to enjoy our fireworks :Fireworks - The Southern Lady Mama

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Have a Happy Independence Day!!!

“I’m Gonna Need You To STEP AWAY from Pinterest” – God

Southern Lady-2

I got this little note from God last night. I was trolling Pinterest for decorations for my kids’ birthday party this weekend. I was literally having heart palpitations trying to figure out how I could make all these stinkin, cute decorations while juggling everything else on my plate.

“Steph, I’m gonna need you to step away from Pinterest. Now. Nope. Don’t pin that. SHUT IT DOWN.”

So I did. Instead I went to Party City this morning and dropped some change on some kinda cute, definitely tacky decorations. (The tackier the better to 7 & 9 year olds, right?)

And my kids probably won’t even realize that we even had decorations at all. They will, however, enjoy a mama who is able to sit on the couch and just snuggle. A mama who isn’t snapping at them because she has over scheduled herself.

Thanks God for letting me off the hook 🙂

First Day of School! Pictures to treasure forever

Phineas and Ferb get 100 days of Summer Vacation. We got 77 days of Summer Vacation.  I’m okay with that because my kids never know “what they are going to do today!!”, I don’t have a Candace to help watch my kids, and we are all pretty much ready to spend time with anyone that is not related to us.

ready for school!

A few years ago I saw something on Pinterest that I actually did (as opposed to pinning and forgetting 😉 )  I started taking pictures of the kids on the first day of school with a chalkboard that had the grade and what they wanted to be when they grow up. I have loved seeing how much they have grown up and how their dreams have changed.

My oldest – Ethan.  In Kindergarten, he wanted to be a Paleontologist.  In 1st Grade, he wanted to be in the Air Force (with back up of course!).  In 2nd grade, he wanted to be an Inventor (flying car is his top priority!)  And this year in 3rd grade, he wants to be a baseball player.  (When he retires, naturally, he will be an accountant like most MLB players) Ethan's First Days Collage Ella was very practical in Kindergarten and wanted to be a Princess when she grew up.  In 1st grade, she decided she wanted to be a teacher (my bet is on this one in the long run!)  The last two years, she has been consistent about wanting to be a Vet (sorry cat lovers.  Dr. Ella will work strictly with dogs!) Ella First Day Collage Matthew used his ever present imagination in his preschool class when he said he wanted to be a Dragon when he grew up.  In Pre – K, he decided he could just be a clown because “he was already silly and wouldn’t even have to go to school for it.”  In Kindergarten, he decided he was going to be a triple threat – – a Farmer, Scientist and Actor.  This year in 1st grade, he narrowed it down to focusing on Science 🙂 Matthew's First Days Collage What about y’all?  What first day traditions do you have?

How To Get Your Kid’s School Stuff ORGANIZED!

It’s the end of school year.  They came home with backpacks chock full of…stuff.

Piles. Piles. Everywhere!!

Piles of art that Ella worked on for hours making just perfect. Piles of stories that Ethan wrote with his crazy imagination that are too cute to toss. Piles of Kindergarten memories from Matthew that I cannot let go of because he cannot grow up.

And it is about to drive me out of my ever-lovin’ mind.

I am about Type A as they come. I love for everything to have its own spot. If it doesn’t, I break out in a cold sweat. If I could have a shopping spree at any store, it would be The Container Store. If I could add anything to my house, it would be a tricked out laundry/mud room. Hooks, shelves and cubbies for everyone and everything.  My favorite Pinterest board is my Organization one. These are the few pins that I actually attempt to execute.

A few months ago, I finally had enough time to tackle a Pin that I knew would get the piles off my floor and desk. And today – hallelujah – it took me about 2 minutes to clean up the piles and put the piles right in their own spot.

One of my favorite blog’s is . That is where I found the project that would save my sanity – The School Paperwork Storage System: Praise the Lord! Something to help me with the piles of school treasures that I want to save!!

I did a little different veFile Foldersrsion, but it was very similar. I decided to use a file box so I could stack them up. You can get them from any office supply store for about $10. I got brightly colored hanging files because colors make me happy. 🙂 I have a folder for each grade – preschool through 12th grade. She had some pretty colored labels you can print. However, I am too cheap to buy a color printer. I went a different route with my favorite thing in my office – my beloved label-maker. I get down right giddy anytime I get to use it!

In each grade, I put several things:

  • Art
  • Keepsakes (not just from school – church or made at home too)
  • Copy of their school picture (and sports picture for the boys)
  • Brownie/Cub Scout
  • Star Progress Reports
  • Teacher Conference Notes
  • Year End Report Card

If I had lots of extra storage, I may put them in a closet. But I don’t, so I made them extra snazzy and put an 8×10 picture of them on the front. They are so cute, why would I put them in a closet anyway? It is actually handy having the boxes accessible. Then as things come home, I can immediately either toss in the trash or file in their adorably organized box.
File Boxes

Piles Poof! Be gone.

Very Happy Mama.