How We Are Ditching the Girl DRAMA

Giggling. Dancing. Hugging. Singing Adele in 3 different keys. . .

And that is all in the first five minutes of my 9 year old daughter’s sleepover.

Then in the next 5 minutes. . .

Huffing. Puffing. Foot stomping. And of course….the dreaded eye roll.

GIRL DRAMA. As irrational as it is, it is totally natural. Or as my husband, Eric, insists when there are more than one females in a room together…it is inevitable. ¬†ūüėú

I LOVE that my daughter has found other strong girls with likewise strong personalities. I can’t wait to watch them grow up, take on this world and see what God has in store for them.

However, when they are young, sometimes they can trip over their big personalities and bruise some feelings on their way down. That is where us big girls who have been there and done that can help. We can’t totally ditch the Drama. ¬†However, we can help our girls side step some of the theatrics and learn to face it head on when it can’t be avoided.

So this morning before our fruit, bacon and waffles, we had a Mama and girls pow wow. We brainstormed what we could do to take care of our friendships.

Here is what the girls pledged to Ditch the Girl Drama:

  • Be Kind. ¬†Kindness comes from the heart; it is love in action. ¬†I love my friends, so I Southern Lady-8will treat them with love and respect. ¬†But…
  • If I Get My Feelings Hurt, I Will Talk it Out With my Friend…Not Other Girls. ¬†The best way I can deal with a situation is to go straight to my friend and talk to her about it. ¬†Talking to someone else about it is just gossiping and may hurt someone else’s feelings. ¬†Who knows? ¬†Maybe I just misunderstood! But if not…
  • Ask for Forgiveness & Forgive Easily because…
  • I Understand We All Make Mistakes. ¬†No one is perfect! ¬†We all talk or¬†act before we think sometimes. And then I will…
  • Learn From My Mistakes. ¬†I love and respect my friends, so I will do my best to make better choices next time. ¬†And, of course, I will. . .
  • ALWAYS Have My Friend’s Back! ¬†Even though we decided to ditch the drama, there are girls that thrive on drama. ¬†We will support and take care of each other. ¬†Always.

As I type this, they are again giggling, singing and dancing to JT.

Funny. I plan on doing that very same thing this weekend on my Girls Weekend with my girlfriends of over 20 years.

I pray these sweet girls will be doing the same with each other in 2036.

the girls


Patriotic Pinterest on POINT

Cute.  Easy. Low time commitment.  Those are my criteria for Pinterest.  If I see more than 5 ingredients Р X out of that immediately.  If it looks like it will take me more than 30 minutes РGet outta my Face with that thing!

So when Eric and I decided to have a 4th of July Eve party, obviously I got a little Pinterest happy with all things Red, White & Blue.

Here are ¬†few things that I did that met all my criteria! ¬†And the best thing is almost all could be done the day before ūüôā

Jello Fireworks from  Kraft Recipes.   These were a HUGE hit with the kids!

Jello Fireworks - The Southern Lady Mama

Patriotic Strawberries from The Idea Room.  These were so easy and my daughter, Ella, helped!

Patriotic Strawberries - The Southern Lady Mama

My Patriotic Fruit Pizza from¬†House of Hawthornes¬†was the only exception from making the day before because I wanted the fruit to be fresh. ¬†However, I went ahead and made the crust and topping then refrigerated them. ¬†I also washed and cut up the strawberries. ¬†It only took me about 15 minutes (with Ella’s expert help again!) to top and glaze the pizza before the party. ¬†Score!

Patriotic Pizza - The Southern Lady Mama

Easy peasy lemon squeezy as Ella would say!  Finally I got to sit down just in time to enjoy our fireworks :Fireworks - The Southern Lady Mama

Have a similar minimalist Pinterest attitude? Follow me on Pinterest for some great easy recipe ideas!

Have a Happy Independence Day!!!