The Book

Full Heart Empty Womb

Full Heart Empty Womb

I published my first book in December of 2014. Titled “Full Heart Empty Womb: How I Survived Infertility…Twice,” I chronicled my near ten year battle with Infertility.

After my last failed IVF in 2013, I felt depressed, misunderstood, and honestly pissed off. One in eight couples deal with Infertility, so why do I feel so alone? Because no one talks about it. My frustration about that fact and the need to work through the mountain of emotions I was dealing with, urged me to pick up my pen and write.

I found healing and peace in the writing process, so that made the experience worth it in itself. I have continued to be blessed with having the opportunity to help people who are dealing with infertility or have dealt with it in the past.

For your copy of the book, go to:


Want a quick intro into the first couple of chapters?  Watch Steph’s monologue.

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