The Blessings

Statistics class in college. At respectable dinner parties that is where I tell people I met my husband, Eric. It is also the story I will stick to with my kids. That isn’t a total lie. We were in statistics class together but our first meeting was quite different.

Let’s get real. I heard there was naked tarp sliding at the KA fraternity house and a slew of giggling girls immediately went there. I am not sure if the whole “tarp sliding” story was just a ploy to get curious girls there or not. I never witnessed any tarp sliding, but I did meet my future husband. God works in crazy ways, huh?

Eric and Steph sitting in a tree :)

Eric and Steph sitting in a tree 🙂

After a long battle with Infertility, we were blessed times three. In 2006, I gave birth to twins after a high-risk pregnancy that landed me in the hospital on bed rest for 12 weeks. Ethan and Ella were born premature, but healthy for their gestation. In 2008, we were surprised by a miracle pregnancy with Matthew. Every day we thank God for His many blessings.

Ethan, Ella, and Matthew

Ethan, Ella, and Matthew

Photography Creds go to my most fabulous friend Ginger. xoxo

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