My Chaotic Office

“Gee Steph, you haven’t had a blog post in almost a week!”
My chaotic office

That would be because this is my office. My dryer has been broken for almost a week (YUCK!!) and we are getting new windows tomorrow (YEA!!). So life is chaos and my office is littered with laundry room stuff and curtains. I have been running my dryer 7 times basically fluffing and air drying ONE single load a day.  I went to Target to buy washcloths today because I don’t EVEN want to think about how many times through the fluff cycle something that thick would take!  I am considering hanging undies and bras from the ceiling fans because I am too cheap to buy more of those 😉   The most I could be motivated to write would be “why I hate my over priced Samsung washer and dryer and will never buy again. ‪#‎FrontLoadersStink‬”.

And since I only want to blog when I think it will bless my readers, I am giving myself a break 😉

I do microblog on my FB page (here) almost daily.  I like to share short stories and inspirations I have throughout the week.  I love to make people laugh and smile.  FB is my happy medium between a full blog post and Twitter.  140 characters?  I can’t hardly say anything in 140 characters or less!  I am too “flowery” with my words as my first boss would say 😉

If you haven’t already, Like my FB page for more fun with the Southern Lady Mama!

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