Inaugural Post – Steph Re-Branded

I started another blog at the end of last summer. It was titled: Full Heart Empty Womb .   I started it at the urging of many people.   I was in the process of writing a book about my near ten-year battle with Infertility. It was a great way to keep people updated about the progress about my book. I was also able to try my hand out at blogging. I have really enjoyed blogging at Full Heart Empty Womb. The blog has opened doors to so many amazing people and have been able to help a lot of people dealing with Infertility. Given the name and nature of my book, I made every effort to be very conscious about what I wrote about. Writing about my children or parenting successes/failures could be quite harmful to someone in the midst of a battle with Infertility. I have been there and I know. Infertility has been and always will be a part of my life. It will always be one of my biggest struggles yet also the biggest obstacles I have overcome in my life. However, that is not all that there is to Stephanie Greer. I am sure I will also continue to write about Infertility periodically because it helped shape who I am today. However, there is much I want to write about that goes beyond my trials. For that reason, I decided to start this new blog. Hooray!!!! I am super excited about it. I have been racking my brain for weeks trying to come up with the right name. Each time I thought I came up with a completely original name, I would search it and find it was taken. Drats!! I gave several people the task to try to help me come up with a name too. Zilch. Finally, yesterday I sent a text to my group of girlfriends from college – the Zeta Lovelies. Within an hour I had my name: The Southern Lady Mama. Born Southern. Raised a Lady. Blessed Mama. Score!! I abbreviated it in the text to SLM. According to Cassie, “Nicknames and acronyms are the hallmarks of greatness.” We get pretty deep and philosophical in our texts 😉 I have no clue if that is true or not, but I am totally buying it. Later Y’all Steph…the SLM           BAM!

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